Inhaled AAT

Kamada has been able to leverage its expertise gained from the production of Glassia to develop a stable, high purity Inhaled AAT for AATD, an inhaled AAT product candidate for the treatment of AATD.

Existing treatment for AATD require weekly intravenous infusions of AAT therapeutics. We believe that Inhaled AAT for AATD will significantly improve the patient’s disease condition and the quality of life of the patients versus current invasive weekly treatment that requires uncomfortable infusion, consumption of time and administration by a medical professional. If approved, Inhaled AAT for AATD is estimated to be the first AAT product that is not required to be delivered intravenously but, instead is administered by a user-friendly, lightweight and silent nebulizer in up to two short daily sessions.

We estimate that Inhaled AAT for AATD will increase patient convenience and reduce or replace the need for patients to use intravenous infusions of AAT products, decreasing the need for clinic visits or nurse home visits and reducing medical costs.

Inhaled AAT for AATD has been designated as an orphan drug for the treatment of AATD in the United States and Europe.