Kamada Plasma

Kamada Plasma, established in 2021, specializes in the collection of rare donors’ human plasma. Most of the currently collected plasma is being used as a source material for the life-saving medicine – KamRho-D – manufactured by Kamada and distributed worldwide.

Kamada Plasma is a wholly owned subsidiary of Kamada currently operating a specialty plasma collection center in Beaumont Texas, U.S.A. This plasma collection facility was established by Blood and Plasma Research, Inc. in 1967 and was acquired by Kamada in March 2021 as part of the company strategic objective of becoming a fully integrated specialty plasma company.

The collection facility mainly specializes in the collection of hyper-immune plasma used in the manufacture of Anti-D immunoglobulin for the prevention of hemolytic disease of the fetus and newborn, a condition arising from mismatched Rh factors between the mother and newborn. The center also collects specialty products from other rare donors whose blood or plasma is used by the industry in the manufacturing of blood typing reagents, diagnostic test kits for various diseases, and for research.

Kamada Plasma is one out of only about 15 specialty plasma collection centers in the United States. It is licensed by the FDA and certified by the PPTA (Plasma Protein Therapeutics Association) and CLIA (Clinical Laboratory Improvement Act). Kamada intends to expand its plasma collection capabilities by investing in the current center and leveraging its FDA license to open additional centers in the U.S.