Social Responsibility

Kamada, as a leading pharmaceutical company, sees the great importance of supporting and promoting social responsibility: The Company’s operations are based on values of quality and excellence, including saving lives, quality of life, healthcare and contribution to the community.
Kamada sees itself as an integral part of the community within which it operates, and therefore allocates significant resources to assist a great number of non-profit organizations, families and individuals – seeking to contribute to community and individual well-being as well as to social advancement.

Environmental Responsibility

For Kamada management and staff, environmental quality, safety and protection are a way of life. Kamada complies with the most stringent environmental regulations set by the authorities in Israel, including the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Environmental Protection.

Company employees are required to comply with stringent GMP principles, while adhering to company values of excellence in quality, work safety, protecting the environment, nature and scenery.

At Kamada we reduce by-products, by reducing air pollution, treating waste water, minimizing waste volume with frequent quality testing of our waste materials and applying advanced technology for bio-processing of these waste materials.

We attach great importance to promoting environmental values within our organization, acting to assimilate this topic among management and staff, including promoting environmental creativity projects, taking advantage of environmental opportunities and conveying messages of environmental responsibility, both inside and outside the organization.