Working at Kamada

Kamada has grown its business over time, thanks to the vision, skills and outstanding dedication of its employees.

Kamada believes that being the first Israeli company ever to obtain FDA approval for a biological drug, as well as its capacity to develop, produce and market a range of life-saving drugs around the world, provide the basis for the company’s current and future success.A wide range of roles, staffed by professionals who are the best in their fields, have been generating Kamada’s added value as a ground-breaking pharmaceutical company for many years.
Kamada promotes a work environment based on respect, mutual trust and constant improvement to allow its employees to attain their potential with initiative, determination, creativity and a professional approach, while conforming to the highest quality standards required. These values are in the core of Kamada’s way of life, since its foundation by Ralph Hahn and David Tsur.
Company employees who uphold “the essence of leadership, striving for excellence, teamwork and constant improvement” will work cooperatively to save lives, with an opportunity for personal and professional growth.

Compensation and welfare

Pleasant work environment and employee well-being are the primary basis for a positive, productive work experience at Kamada.
Focused departmental activity and a series of social events throughout the year, such as holiday celebrations, team activities and social events, create a sense of belonging among employees, who identify with the company and its objectives, and contribute to a positive atmosphere among Kamada employees.

Another component that contributes to the trust between the employees and the company is a fair compensation method, which takes into consideration the employees’ future and the entirety of their lives. Strict fairness and transparency in compensation processes are reflected in clear promotion processes, fair salary differentials and inclusion of various savings components.
Structured evaluation and feedback processes enable both employees and supervisors to be oriented towards performance improvement, providing deliberate, constructive feedback over time, contributing to achievement of goals and objectives.


Training is the basis for the company employees’ continued growth and development, and is a key satisfaction factor at the company.
In addition, development processes for staff managers and task managers, development and delivery of unique workshops based on needs, professional training (both internal and external) – are routinely integrated with the company’s daily work procedures.

Careers and Recruitment

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New employees at Kamada are facing a multi-year career path which provides many a challenge. Evolution paths at the company allow for professional challenges in all industrial domains, especially pharmaceutics, including:

  • Roles in research and development, business development, regulation and clinical trials, which are at the core of the company’s future.
  • Various roles in quality assurance, such as manufacturing quality, quality engineering, quality methods and systems, quality control, pharmaceutics, etc., are the reputational gatekeepers for the company, its products and its customers around the world.
  • Various operational roles in the manufacturing domain, requiring standards of clean-room work, a range of roles in the technical / engineering department involved in the manufacturing chain, unique planning and control roles and supply-chain roles required to comply with the strictest demands in the world of pharmaceutics.
  • A range of HQ roles in finance, purchasing, human resources, etc.

Kamada is committed to maintaining a fair recruitment process which enables the company and the candidates to assess the compatibility with the role description and with the company’s organizational culture. We strive for a focused, comprehensive recruitment process.