Company Profile & Milestones

Kamada Ltd. is a global specialty plasma-derived biopharmaceutical company with a diverse portfolio of marketed products, a robust development pipeline and industry-leading manufacturing capabilities.

  • The Company uses its proprietary platform technology and know-how for the extraction and purification of proteins from human plasma to produce Alpha-1 Antitrypsin (AAT) in a highly-purified, liquid form, as well as other plasma-derived Immune globulins.  AAT is a protein derived from human plasma with known and newly-discovered therapeutic roles given its immunomodulatory, anti-inflammatory, tissue-protective and antimicrobial properties.

  • The Company’s flagship product is GLASSIA®, the first liquid, ready-to-use, intravenous plasma-derived AAT product approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. Kamada markets GLASSIA® in the U.S. through a strategic partnership with Takeda Pharmaceuticals Company Limited and in other counties through local distributors.
    Kamada’s second leading product is KamRAB, a rabies immune globulin (Human) for Post-Exposure Prophylaxis against rabies infection. KamRAB is FDA approved and is being marketed in the U.S. under the brand name KEDRAB and through a strategic partnership with Kedrion Biopharma.

  • In addition to GLASSIA and KEDRAB, Kamada has a product line of four other plasma-derived pharmaceutical products administered by injection or infusion, that are marketed through distributors in more than 15 countries, including Israel, Russia, Brazil, India and other countries in Latin America and Asia.

  • Kamada has late-stage products in development, including an inhaled formulation of AAT for the treatment of AAT deficiency, and in addition, its intravenous AAT is in development for other indications, such as GvHD, prevention of lung transplant rejection and type-1 diabetes.

  • Kamada also leverages its expertise and presence in the plasma-derived protein therapeutics market by distributing more than 20 complementary products in Israel that are manufactured by third parties.

  • Founded in 1990, Kamada is listed on NASDAQ since 2013 and Tel-Aviv stock exchange since 2005 (KMDA).
    Kamada’s headquarters is located in the Weizmann Science Park in Rehovot, Israel.

Kamada Milestones

1990 mailstome
Kamada was founded in Israel to develop, produce and distribute life-saving pharmaceuticals
1991 mailstome
First product manufactured by Kamada - Human Albumin
1998 mailstome
Kamada's Anti-Rho(D) IgG , KamRho-D I.M., is launched globally
2003 mailstome
Kamada's Anti-Rabies immunoglobulin, KamRAB, is launched globally
Kamada becomes the first Israeli biopharmaceutical company, traded on TASE
2005 mailstome
Glassia, an intravenous AAT augmentation product, is launched in international markets
Strategic agreement with PARI for development of nebulization device for inhaled AAT
2010 mailstome
Glassia gains FDA approval, strategic agreement with Baxter (acquired by Takeda in 2019)
Strategic agreement with Kedrion for Rabies IgG in the U.S
Initiation of snake serum production for Israel MOH
Completion of first Phase II/III for Inhaled- AAT
2013 mailstome
Kamada is listed on NASDAQ
Glassia becomes the first and only augmentation therapy, to be approved by the FDA for AAT Deficiency patients
2017 mailstome
FDA Approval of KEDRAB™ for Post-Exposure Prophylaxis Against Rabies Infection
CMO agreement for an FDA Approved Hyper-Immune Globulin
2019 mailstome
“InnovAATe” clinical study launch: inhaled AAT phase III study
Partnership with Alvotech, a specialized Biosimilar company, for representing its portfolio in Israel
Manufacturing of an immunoglobulin therapy for COVID-19 and initiates a clinical study
Kamada distributes more than 20 products in the Israeli market, representing leading global pharma companies
2020 mailstome
Kamada celebrates its 30 years anniversary