Manufacturing / CMO

Kamada’s sterile manufacturing facility is used to produce plasma derived pharmaceutical therapies.

The facility, approved by the U.S. FDA, complies with all cGMP standards for the pharmaceutical industry. In addition to manufacturing its own products, Kamada provides Contract Manufacturing Operation (CMO) services for biological products and welcomes partners and stakeholders to collaborate.

Our production facility staff is well-experienced and involved daily in providing access to our life-saving medications to patients worldwide.

Protein Purification

Kamada is a global leader in the field of protein separation using advanced chromatography methods, which are based on the chemical and physical properties of plasma proteins. The technology, which has been approved by the U.S. FDA and Israel Ministry of Health, enables the company to maintain an efficient and robust manufacturing process with exceptionally purified products.


Kamada has the expertise and dedicated facilities required for formulation preparation of pharmaceutical products, from raw material to the final highly purified formulation.


Our filling capabilities allow us to fill a variety of volumes, starting from 0.85ml of sterile solutions; from clinical trials to marketed products, we meet the most stringent standards of quality.

Formulation & Filling


A growing number of pharmaceutical clients are taking advantage of Kamada’s sterile filling services, which is carried out in Class 100 clean-rooms. The company’s aseptic filling facility, which has been fully validated by the US authorities and the Israel Ministry of Health, is capable of filling 0.5 to 50 ml vials with different kinds of sterile solutions for a range of different uses, from clinical trials to products for marketing in a variety of markets, including the U.S. market.


Kamada possesses the know-how and facilities required for the preparation of formulations of pharmaceutical products, from the raw material stage to the final formulation stage. The formulation process is carried out in compliance with stringent cGMP regulations for pharmaceutics and in accordance with the highest quality and safety levels that typify the company.

Marketing & Distributing

Global Operations

Kamada is a fully-integrated pharmaceutical company operating in more than 20 countries.

Kamada’s portfolio is represented by a partner in each territory, enabling an in-depth familiarity with the market while adapting Kamada’s brand to the local market environment and opportunities.

Kamada is continuously seeking to expand its global reach, by creating collaborations with companies who would like to introduce new products into their territory.

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Operations in the Israeli Market

During the years Kamada has gained a reputation of a leading distributor representing a variety of pharmaceutical companies from around the globe.

The company has long-term agreements with international companies for the marketing and distribution of their products in Israel.

Kamada offers its partners a successful access to the Israeli market based on strong relationships with the major stakeholders; including the Ministry of health, Health Maintenance Organizations and the local medical community.

Kamada’s team is dynamic and highly motivated, with scientific and business background, backed up by vast experience from local and global pharmaceutical companies.

Kamada offers a complete range of services for companies who are seeking to introduce their brand into the Israeli market.

As an FDA approved manufacturing company, Kamada is highly capable in establishing efficient communications with its partners.

Kamada actively searches in-licensing, distribution and commercial collaboration opportunities for the Israeli market.

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Research & Development

Kamada’s R&D team consists of highly qualified and experienced scientists who are engaged in the development of new bio-pharmaceuticals according to the company’s strategic focus.

In addition, the R&D team takes a significant role in improving existing products and manufacturing processes. The department is also responsible for the management of Kamada’s IP assets.

R&D dynamic capabilities and innovative human resource enables the company to quickly react to the continuously changing market environment.

Kamada is currently involved in several collaborations on R&D programs with leading academic institutions, biopharmaceutical companies and organizations around the globe, contributing to the development and manufacturing of novel products.

Registration & Regulation

Kamada’s dedicated regulatory affairs (RA) team has extensive experience in registration and maintenance of pharmaceuticals in various stages of development.

Kamada’s RA department supports the expansion of the company’s business, making its portfolio accessible to as many patients in need worldwide.

RA main responsibilities are: regulatory strategy development, preparation of full dossier submissions, file maintenance, regulatory advice to R&D projects, communication with regulatory Health Authorities such as FDA and EMA etc.

A dedicated team provides a full regulatory coverage to the companies that Kamada represent in Israel. RA staff maintains a close collaboration with the Israeli MoH, enabling an efficient registration process and access to the market.

Kamada also has a pharmacovigilance unit which acts as global headquarter for managing the global safety information issued from all the company’s active territories.

Protein Purification

Kamada possesses the know-how, patents, and longstanding experience in the field of protein separation using advanced chromatography methods. Chromatography is based on differences in the chemical and physical properties of the raw material’s components, and requires skill and expertise with regard to the conditions and ways it is carried out in order to achieve the required final product. The technology, which has been approved by the U.S. FDA and the Israel Ministry of Health, was developed at Kamada and implemented in its manufacturing facility, enables the company to manufacture stable, stabilizer- and preservative-free drugs in liquid form with extremely high purity levels.

In addition to using the technology to manufacture its own products, Kamada also allows partners and stakeholders to hire its services for protein purification and the manufacture of products that are free of foreign proteins and other contaminants.