Lilach Asher Topilsky

Lilach Asher Topilsky is joining as a partner in the FIMI Opportunity Funds, Israel’s largest group of private equity funds, as of December 2019.  Until the end of November 2019, Ms. Asher Topilsky serves as the President and CEO of Israel Discount Bank (TASE), one of the leading banking groups in Israel, as the Chairman at IDBNY BANKCORP and as a director at IDB Bank New York, all since February 2014. Ms. Asher Topilsky also served as the Chairman of Mercantile Bank from 2014-2016.  Ms. Asher Topilsky is a director at Tel Aviv University and at G1 Ltd. (TASE) (as of December 2019).  Prior to joining Israel Discount Bank, Ms. Asher Toplisky served as a member of the management of Bank Hapoalim (TASE) as Deputy Chief Executive Officer and Head of Retail Banking Division (2009-2013) and Head of Strategy and Planning Division (2007-2009).  Ms. Asher Topilsky also served as a Strategy Consultant at The Boston Consulting Group (BCG, Chicago 1997-1998) and at Shaldor Strategy Consulting (Israel 1995-1996).  Ms. Asher Topilsky holds BA degree in Management and Economics from Tel Aviv University and MBA degree from Kellogg School of Management, Northwestern University.