Research & Development

Kamada is engaged in the research and development of specialty pharmaceuticals by means of an advanced, patent-protected technology based on chromatographic separation techniques. Kamada’s research and development is carried out by highly qualified and experienced researchers who are engaged in the development of new products and in improving and developing manufacturing processes. Kamada’s research division, its proprietary know-how, state-of-the-art equipment, and human resources all distinguish Kamada’s R&D Department in terms of capabilities and added value to the company’s products and strategic partnerships.

Kamada currently has several collaborations on R&D programs with companies and organizations in Israel and worldwide. These partnerships combine the company’s unique R&D capabilities with those of its partners with the aim of developing and manufacturing new bio-pharmaceutical products and improving existing manufacturing processes.

Kamada constantly aspires to expand its R&D activities and exploit its capabilities both in the purification of proteins from different sources, and in development of the company’s chromatography technology and adapting it to process a wide range of different raw materials.