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Therapeutic indication:

Pregnancy/other obstetric conditions, Suppression of Rh immunization in non-sensitized Rh0 (D) negative women delivering an Rh positive baby or when the baby’s Rh type is unknown. Suppression of Rh immunization after spontaneous or induced abortions threatened abortion associated with maternal bleeding amniocentesis chorionic villus sampling ruptured tubal pregnancy and significant abdominal trauma. Kam Rh0 -D IM should be given within 72 hours of the event. It may be given even after up to one month although efficacy may be somewhat reduced. Transfusion: Suppression of Rh isoimmunization in Rh0 (D) antigen-negative patients transfused with Rh0 (D) antigen-positive RBCs of blood components containing Rh0 (D) antigen-positive RBCs. Initiate treatment within 72 hours of exposure.

  • Composition: Anti-D Immunoglobulin 150 Mcg/ml
  • Pharmaceutical form: Solution for injection
  • Method of administration: intramuscular
  • Manufacturer: Kamada