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18 Oct. 2019

New Insights Into Alpha-1 Deficiency: A Special Scientific Meeting Organized by Kamada During The Recent ERS Congress

During the recent European Respiratory Society (ERS) congress in Madrid, we held a scientific meeting titled “New Insights Into Alpha-1 Deficiency (AATD)”.

We were pleased by the presence of leading Respiratory specialists from many Latin American, Asian and European countries, where Glassia – Kamada’s liquid AAT augmentation therapy – is available.

The meeting focused on up-to-date data regarding the suggested benefits of augmentation therapy in Alpha-1 Deficiency lung disease.

Dr. Naveh Tov, Kamada’s VP Medical Director, Pulmonary Diseases, presented an overview about the benefits of augmentation therapy, including recent published data presented at the ERS, demonstrating improvement in treated patients’ survival and time to lung transplantation.

Prof. Jan Stolk, a leading AATD physician from the Netherlands, discussed Kamada’s investigational Inhaled AAT treatment, and its potential therapeutic effect on lung function in Alpha-1 deficient patients, and Dr. Svetlana Ivanova Melkin from Russia presented an interesting study case of treating an 8 year old child with AATD lung disease with Glassia.

As a leading company in the field of AATD, Kamada is committed to continue raising awareness and knowledge of Alpha-1 Deficiency, while developing new therapeutics for the benefit of the patients and the medical community.  We thank all participants for the successful event.