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8 Mar. 2011

Kamada Receives an Israeli Patent for its Ultrapure Transferrin for Pharmaceutical Compositions

Kamada, a biopharmaceutical company developing, manufacturing and marketing specialty life-saving therapeutics, announced today it has received an Israeli Patent for its Ultrapure Transferrin to be used in Pharmaceutical Compositions. This is the second patent issued to Kamada under the same title after being granted with the same patent title by the United States Patent Office (USPTO).

Transferrin is a protein found in human blood. It binds to and transports iron in the bloodstream from and to cells.

In cellular biology practice, Transferrin is added to cell culture media to ensure that they are adequately supplied with iron. Additionally, its iron binding properties reduce the potential for damage to the cells caused by free radicals formed when other sources of iron are added to cell culture media.

Transferrin is also studied for pharmaceutical applications as a potential conjugate material (carrier) to a number of active molecules, including various chemotherapy drugs. By attaching the drug molecule to Transferrin the drug is targeted directly to the site of action thanks to the Transferrin receptors that are found on the target cells. This makes the Transferrin-drug compound a highly efficient pharmaceutical preparation.

About Kamada

Kamada is a public biopharmaceutical company (TASE: KMDA) developing, producing and marketing a line of specialty, life-saving therapeutics using a sophisticated chromatographic purification technology. Utilizing its proprietary know-how, Kamada manufactures more than 10 high quality biopharmaceuticals which are marketed in over 15 countries around the world.

Kamada's flagship product, Glassia®, was recently approved by the USFDA and is marketed in the US exclusively by Baxter Healthcare.