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27 Oct. 2010

Baxter announces launch of GLASSIA in the U.S.

Baxter International Inc. (NYSE: BAX) today announced the commercial launch of GLASSIATM [Alpha1-Proteinase Inhibitor (Human)] in the United States. GLASSIATM is the first available ready-to-use liquid alpha1-proteinase inhibitor (Alpha1-PI) and is indicated as a chronic augmentation and maintenance therapy in adults with emphysema due to congenital deficiency of alpha-1 antitrypsin (AAT), an under-diagnosed hereditary condition characterized by a low level of alpha-1 protein in the blood.

"We welcome the availability of new therapies that give clinicians more convenient options when choosing AAT deficiency augmentation therapies for their patients," said John Walsh, president of the U.S. Alpha-1 Foundation.

GLASSIATM, which was approved by the FDA on July 9, 2010, is administered once a week and works by augmenting the levels of AAT in the blood and lungs. Through a definitive agreement with Kamada Ltd., Baxter is the exclusive distributor for GLASSIATM in the United States and other select markets.
In addition to providing biological therapeutics for the disorder, Baxter is also working to improve awareness and early diagnosis of AAT deficiency. The company sponsors the AlphaTest® kit to make it easy for physicians to test patients through a simple finger stick. To date, Baxter has helped screen more than 85,000 people for AAT deficiency.

"Baxter's commitment to the Alpha-1 community is 3-fold; raising awareness, screening and detection, and bringing new innovative therapeutic options to patients and healthcare professionals," said John Shannon, Vice President and General Manager of Baxter BioScience's U.S. Biopharmaceuticals business. "With the introduction of GLASSIATM, specialists now have the convenience of a ready-to-use liquid presentation that can be administered without reconstitution."