1990 Kamada founded in Israel to develop and produce life-saving injectable pharmaceuticals
1991 First product - Albumin
1998 10 products are distributed in 15 countries
1999         New business strategy implemented: Focus on specialty products, Strategic partnerships and cooperation, US and EU market penetration, Increasing investment in R&D
2002 New development - liquid ready to use AAT
2004 Orphan Drug Designation for inhaled AAT in the US and EU
2005 Kamada becomes Israel’s first public biopharmaceutical company
2005 First patients are treated with Kamada’s AAT IV
2006 Strategic exclusive agreement with PARI for the eFlow device
2007 New patents issued for AAT
2008 Inhaled AAT: Successful completion of Phase II in CF patients, Successful completion of Phase II in Bronchiectasis patients
2009 AAT IV - Licensure and launching in Israel, Brazil and Russia
2010 AAT IV GLASSIA: FDA approval, Distribution and Technology license agreement with Baxalta (formerly Baxter) in US
2011 Diabetes Type I - Phase I / II initiation
2011 Partnership agreement with Kedrion for Rabies IG in the U.S
2011 Initiation of snake serum production for Israel MOH
2011 Kamada receive the Yitzhak Rabin National award for quality and excellence in the business sector
2012 Strategic distribution agreement with Chiesi for AAT Inhaled in Europe
2012 Successful phase I/II clinical trial results for Type-1 Diabetes
2013 AAT Inhaled - Completion of Phase II/III
2014 2nd extention of strategic distribusion agreement with Baxalta (formerly Baxter)
2015 Completion of US  phase III Rabies lgG clinical trial
2015 U.S & EU orphan drug designation for AAT treat GVHD
2015 3rd extention of strategic distribution agreement with Baxalta<