Kamada is a multi-system pharmaceutical company, and as such, has established local and worldwide marketing and distribution networks to market the drugs it manufactures and/or represents in Israel and around the world. Kamada currently runs an extensive marketing network of local partners and distributors in more than 15 countries around the world. Based on this advantage, Kamada also offers distribution services to other companies seeking to penetrate new markets. Kamada’s marketing and distribution capabilities are manifested not only in partnerships with local partners and distributors, but also in an in-depth familiarity with the market, marketing methods, tender systems, and local competitors.

Kamada also possesses knowledge and experience in registering drugs with the Israel Ministry of Health as well as in the various target countries. Kamada’s registration team has extensive experience in registering the company’s products in many countries around the world, and has been doing so for the past twenty years.

In Israel, Kamada is active both in the institutional and private markets. Besides marketing the drugs that the company manufactures in its own facilities, the company has long-term agreements with international manufacturers for the marketing and distribution of their products in Israel. These agreements enable Kamada to complement its product line both in terms of types of treatment and the range of products offered, thus contributing to the wellbeing and health of patients in Israel.